Celeste Chiappani Loda

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        About the activity of the Legal Study Di Vietro:


The activity of the Legal Study Di Vietro concerns family rights in particular.

        About the literary activity of Gloria Chiappani:


Freelance journalist and graduated in Foreign languages with full marks and honours, Gloria Chiappani started composing poems at the age of five when, not being able to write yet, she dictated her verses to her mother. Later she started writing stories, articles, plays and other kinds of prose works.

Her published works include: a collection of articles, a collection of interview, a story collection, two collections of poetry, a short poem, a CD of music and poetry as well as poems and articles in numerous Italian and foreign anthologies, magazines and web sites.

Her poems have been read during recitals, radio broadcastings and public shows.

        About the scientific and literary activity of Alexandre Rodichevski:


Alexandre Rodichevski comes from Siberia and lives in Italy.

Graduated in Physics at the State University of Novosibirsk, he had been teaching in the same University. He had also been leading research activity at the Institute of Automation and Electrometry of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk.

Also specialized in statistics and computer science, at present he works in Italy as MIS manager.

Recently he has started writing non-scientific articles, fiction and poetry in Italian language.

He has co-authored a collection of Italian poetry.

        About Morfoedro, a portal on arts and culture:


Morfoedro: an arts and culture portal devoted to literature, ballet, music, figurative arts, history, ecology, computer science.