Celeste Chiappani Loda


I am not poor
I have plenty of paper
and pencils always at my disposition.
I can use electric light
after the sunset.
And I have my eyes.
And I have my heart.
I am not poor.


She comes from Brescia and she lives in Desio (Milan).

Writer, she is very sensitive to social problems and she attaches a great importance to good examples.

Even if her actions are necessarily limited, she tries to be faithful to the motto she coined herself and which represents the basis of her modus vivendi: "If I do not do harm, one bad action will not be done in the world." Besides the motto, Chiappani Loda believes in her own imperative: "Let us give to our neighbours as much as possible and ask humbly". (From an interview of 1982).

Her life has been complicated and difficult, yet full of important experiences she conveys to her works.


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